I have always wanted to help others. Before I learned anything about being an SEO consultant, I did not know how I could help others effectively, so I tried different things. I tried landscaping, flipping burgers, barista-ing, insurance sales, windshield repairs, and a handful of other things. However, when I became an in-house writer for an SEO agency, I saw an opportunity to help others that I did not expect to find -- an opportunity to help people achieve their goals. SEO empowers people and businesses to achieve their goals in the digital space with a process-driven approach that is built on proven best practices. As an SEO consultant, my career's reward is seeing a client's achieve their goals because of their website.

The goal of any SEO consultant should be the achievement of their client's goals using SEO strategies and best practices. My approach to SEO is built on this idea. Search engine optimization is meant to help your business find its target audience, and bring them to you directly. It is a long-term strategy that offers not only visibility, but credibility. The top 3 search engine results absorb over 90% of all search engine traffic. Consumers trust search engine results. This is precisely why SEO is so important.

Another goal of an SEO consultant is precision. Accurate information yields actionable insight. The most valuable resource in this effort is data. The data provided by the search engine is often enough to begin finding actionable insights about how to improve your website's visibility and grow your business. The additional tools available to SEO consultants help to create detailed SEO strategies that help websites to systematically grow their search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic. It is one of my goals to bring the value of search engine data and SEO tools to businesses so they can improve their relationship with their online audience.

Search engine optimization is a service that genuinely impacts the bottom-line of websites who utilize it effectively. It can affect every other aspect of an organization, from brand identity to website development processes. My goal is to use SEO to positively impact the people I work with; there are many ways that goal can be achieved and I intend to explore as many of them as possible. Thanks for reading. -TT


Tyler loves SEO.